Best Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses

Black friday

Black Friday is the greatest spending day of the year for consumers. It means there’s a huge opportunity for big or small businesses to capitalize on the frenzy and generate a voluminous increase in sales. At that time, every business organization eagerly plans how to manage the mad rush of the customer both physically and online. 

Before Black Friday season arrives, organizations brainstorm creative ideas for setting their Black Friday business plan. So keeping that in mind, we will share some best Black Friday ideas for small businesses with you to conduct more sales and give additional value to your customers.

Before sharing the tips, we will cover some frequently asked questions about Black Friday.

When is Black Friday in 2022?

Black Friday normally occurs in the fourth week of November. Every year Black Friday falls from 23 to November 29. This year black Friday happens on Friday, November 25, 2022.

Why does everyone call it Black Friday?

The term Black Friday is used informally to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday also comes from how police officers in Philadelphia described the rush shopping day after Thanksgiving in the 1960s. Many tourists came to the city that day, creating long traffic jams and crowd-related accidents. 

So police officers and bus drivers used the term Black Friday to indicate the heavy traffic and rush.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is celebrated on the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, which has traditionally been a holiday for many employees. Special shopping deals and big discounts are available on that day, and stores offer big discounts on electronics, toys, and other gifts.

It is considered the beginning of the holiday shopping season on which retailers make many special offers. It is the perfect occasion to shop and has become a global tradition.

Why Black Friday marketing is important for your business?

People like to go shopping when they get special deals and discounts. As Black Friday comes with lots of special deals and discounts, it is the prime time for marketers to advertise their products. Because of that time, the sales rate boosted rapidly. Some key points of why Black Friday marketing is important for your business are mentioned below:

  • Black Friday gathered a lot of traffic and sales in a short period. It’s one of the best days for e-commerce sales throughout the year. It allows retailers to capitalize on customer demand and bring extra traffic to their sites. Almost 220% of online traffic is increased on Black Friday rather than on a normal day.
  • According to retailer’s report up to 240% and 380% revenue increase on Black Friday.
  • Black Friday allows clearing old products and introducing newer stock at Christmas time.
  • Many people don’t buy their desired products just so they can get them at a cheaper rate on the Black Friday sale.

Gathering new customers is not so easy, but black friday gives you that opportunity to gather new customers at a key time of the year. And if you can make the customer happy with your Black Friday deal, then this customer will return to you again. When customers are retained in the longer term, they will buy your product at full price later.

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Best Black Friday marketing ideas

Black Friday is a crucial time for every retailer. Black Friday ideas for small businesses include excellent deals and, most importantly, advertising sales events. The Black Friday marketing ideas mentioned below will help you to capture customers’ attention and drive people to your website and store:

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Optimize your website

Website performance is one of the most critical elements for an eCommerce business. During the Black Friday event, most customers prefer online shopping because of the mad rush of the store. From retailers’ websites, they easily get deals and discounts and can pick their desired ones.

Sometimes because of more traffic website may fall down, and it can be the reason for losing your customer. This can be prevented by optimizing the website, so upgrade your website when it’s nearing the resource limit.

Bonus tips:

  • Use real-time inventory software.
  • Review your website’s search tool.
  • Increase its functionality when possible.

Use email marketing

Email list building is a great Black Friday marketing strategy to generate hype. It includes collecting the email addresses of regular customers and informing them about upcoming Black Friday deals and discounts. When Black Friday arrives, customers will expect emails from their favorite retailers. So you can encourage them by sending an email.

Email marketing is not so hectic if you choose a perfect plugin for your Black Friday email marketing campaign. Our suggestion will be to use a self-hosted email marketing automation plugin like FluentCRM. This email automation plugin comes with smart email marketing features such as email campaigns, automated email sequences, learner and affiliate management, monitoring user activities, management of leads and customers, and many more things in a single place.

Bonus tips: You can start by sending them a dedicated discounting email with information about all deals and discounts of your store.

Don’t forget social media

Social media is the fastest and the most effective way to reach thousands of people in the present day. Social media marketing will be your best choice for advertising your sale when it’s about Black Friday.

Before starting social media marketing, first, make a posting schedule. And must prepare some content to get your customers’ excitement about this big day.

To be successful in your social media marketing, use a social media plugin. Here we can suggest you use WP Social Ninja plugin. Because this plugin will bring to you the most efficient social media features like user reviews, social feeds, and social chat widget directly to your website.

Bonus tips:

  • Set up a countdown on your landing page; it will help to remind visitors that the day is coming soon! 
  • Post exclusive deals and VIP discounts code on social media.

The above process will encourage your customer to add your shop name to their Black Friday shopping list.

Set a daily deal

Daily deals are an amazing way to make sales a little more exciting. Customers always look forward to hourly or daily deals; if you keep it random and consistent, they will keep visiting. When people can know about your daily deal, they will wait for your deal to buy their desired product. This type of deal ultimately increases your chances of making sales and gathering traffic, especially on Black Friday events when everyone is already in the mood to spend.

Bonus tips: Post your daily deal on social media every day. Mention specific products in your post on which you will give a discount that day. Customers who find their desired product on your deal list will be more encouraged to visit your store.

Give a coupon code to get a special discount

Giving coupon code discounts are a great way to get customers’ attention. During the Black Friday season, people are always scrolling for discounts, so on that time, try to give a coupon code discount on your online store. Because people love to buy more when they get special discounts. So give a coupon code discount to increase your sell amount this holiday season.

Setting coupon codes is a hassle in most of the plugins. But if you use the WordPress payment plugin Paymattic, you can easily set coupon codes on your online store. The coupon is a premium feature of Paymattic. This feature allows you to add discounts to your payment form. This module also helps you add as many coupons as possible from the backend.

Bonus tips: When you give a coupon discount, use the term special or exclusive coupon discount. This term helps you to get customers’ attention.

Offer a gift with purchase

Another smart trick to boost your sales rate is to offer your customer a gift with a purchase. Offer them to purchase a certain amount to get the gift. For example, if anyone buys clothes of a certain amount, include a piece of jewellery or a tie pin as a gift. This gift policy helps to grow interest in the customers’ mind to buy from your store.

Bonus tips: Don’t take a shipping charge for the gift if you are an online seller because if you take charge for the gift, it will no longer be a gift. And this type of behavior may discourage your customer from shopping on your site.

Paymattic WordPress plugin for the Black Friday campaign

You must need a payment plugin to collect your payment when it is about the online store. Paymattic is the perfect plugin to collect payments online. Its easy and flexible features will help you to make the Black Friday campaign more smooth and easy.

You can simply install it directly in your WordPress dashboard and start collecting payments online.

Let’s see some features of Paymattic that you will need for your Black Friday campaign.

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Payment form

You can easily create a payment form in Paymattic with a few clicks. 35+ input fields are available in Paymattic to customize your payment form. Some exclusive payment fields are payment items, subscription payment, custom payment amount, tabular product items, payment summary and item quantity. You will also find pre-built form templates; you can go with them or select a blank form to customize on your own.

Multiple payment methods

payment gateways

Paymattic comes with eight payment methods – Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, Mollie, Xendit, Payrexx, Billplz, Square, SSLCOMERZ, Paystack, flutterwave, and even an option for offline payment. Paymattic supports 135+ currencies, so you can easily collect payments globally.

Detail report analysis

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Detailed report analysis feature of Paymattic gives you a birds-eye view of your payment form. This feature will provide you with all the key data of your campaign, such as total revenue, total customer, revenue for period, new customers, revenue breakdown, payment status, form performance and more.

Moreover, this feature will help you know your campaign’s exact condition and decide which portion needs to be upgraded.

Customer profile

Customer profile is an amazing feature of Paymattic. This feature contains all the information about your customers such as the customer’s name, email, amount of payment through your form, payment method and more. Customer profile ultimately helps you discover your customer well and use your customer data better.


Coupon is the most demanding feature of your Black Friday campaign. We already discussed in this blog the coupon code feature of Paymattic. With this module, you can add as many coupons as possible from the backend. This feature will allow you to set the minimum purchase amount, discount type and discount percentage.

Integration with multiple platforms

Paymattic comes with a wide range of integration platforms. You can integrate Paymattic with FluentCRM, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Zapier, WP User registration, Webhook, Google Sheet, Twilio, Slack and Telegram. You can integrate any of these platforms as per your campaign needs.

Ready for this holiday shopping season?

Black Friday is the busiest shopping season, so a solid Black Friday marketing plan will help you to attract customers’ attention and boost sales rates.

Hopefully, this Black Friday marketing idea will help you to increase traffic and revenue. So, try Paymattic Pro to make your last push strong this year.

Paymattic offers annual and lifetime licenses ranging from $59 to $699. We can recommend you use this all-in-one plugin for your Black Friday campaign.

Good luck!

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