Classy: An Efficient Fundraising Plugin For Your Non-profit

Classy for non-profit

In the world of non-profit organizations, it’s a sad reality that many of them struggle to find the perfect fundraising plugin.

Fortunately, there are several WordPress plugins available to assist you in expanding your audience. Since all fundraising plugin is not fit for every type of organization, maybe for their features, pricing, or other factors. But with the right tool, you can do everything that you need to run a successful campaign and generate donations.

In this article, we will demystify the classy fundraising plugin and see if it is considered an ideal fundraising plugin for your non-profits. By the end, we will recommend a best-suited donation plugin for any type of fundraising campaign.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Classy – at a glance

Classy fundraising plugin

Classy is a WordPress fundraising platform designed to help non-profits and individuals create and manage online fundraising campaigns. It’s a GoFundMe company, that provides tools for peer-to-peer fundraising, event management, and donor engagement.

This fundraising platform raised over $6 billion for more than 6000 charity organizations. It offers a user-friendly interface, a customizable donation form, and flexibility to make it a comprehensive solution for your online fundraising efforts.

The platform also provides powerful out-of-box integrations with third-party platforms like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Paypal, Facebook, Amply, Charity auctions today, and more. Classy gives customers support through email/help desk, FAQs, phone support, chat, and more. Some notable features of Classy include:

  • Customizable donation forms
  • Peer-to-Peer fundraising
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Event management
  • Donor management
  • Mobile optimizations 
  • Progress bars
  • Recurring donations
  • Payment processing 
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Customer support

Classy offers custom pricing plans, You have to provide the required information to get the pricing. It has one pricing edition for a professional plan that costs $299 per month, with the all-pricing plan’s 4% transaction fee also included. The platform also charged a 2.2% platform fee and up to a 3.2% payment processor fee.

Ins and outs of the Classy fundraising plugin

Classy is a comprehensive donation plugin with the goal of empowering the world for good. Along with benefits, this plugin has some potential drawbacks. Here we listed some pros and cons of using the Classy fundraising plugin.


User-friendly interface – Classy has a user-friendly interface, which makes it simple for both supporters and organizers to use this platform.

Customizations – It allows organizers to customize their fundraising pages so that they can showcase their branding and message effectively.

Integrations – This plugin often integrates with various CRMs, email marketing, and other tools, to streamline data management and communications procedures.

Peer-to-peer fundraising – It offers peer-to-peer fundraising and allows supporters to expand the reach of the campaign by creating their own fundraising page.

Reports and analytics – The plugin has an advanced reporting module, with which organizers can monitor donors’ behavior and the effectiveness of the campaigns.


Limited personalization – There are some limitations noticed when customizing fundraising pages, which may restrict the expression of the organization’s message fully.

Cost – It offers valuable features, but the Classy fundraising plugin charges higher compared to others. So smaller organizations can’t afford this plugin.

Limited form templates – The plugin provides limited form templates and most of the templates are similar.

Transaction fees – It charges transaction fees, which can impact the total amount of funds raised by the organizations.

Lack of support – Support systems are good but sometimes it takes a while to resolve technical tickets.

From the above discussion, it’s clear that Classy is recommended for non-profits who are high and mid-level, although it can’t be afforded by any type of charity organization.

If you are a startup or any individual who wants to raise funds for your cause with a pocket-friendly fundraising plugin, here you go we have a great suggestion for you. 

Meet Paymattic, which is one of the best fundraising solutions packed with all must-have features and unlimited customization options. Its clean interface and zero-coding features help non-profits run their campaign effortlessly. Now you may be wondering why you should choose Paymattic over Classy. Let’s see what makes Paymattic better than Classy.

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Classy VS Paymattic 

Classy and Paymattic both are great solutions for any non-profit, but there are some differences between these platforms. Now let’s look into some features of both fundraising plugins that made the differences.

Pre-built Form Template
Donation Progress Item
Guest Donations
Recurring Donation
Unlimited Customizations
Currency Switcher
Advance Reporting

As a fundraising plugin, both tried to cover the key features, that needed to run a successful fundraising campaign. However, the facilities and process of using the features are not the same. If we notice the process of creating donation forms with both platforms then we can see the differences in its making process. 

Classy offers two types of embedded donation forms: Popup and Inline

Popup forms will appear when the user selects a button on your website and inline forms are directly placed on your website page.

Let’s learn the process of creating an embedded donation form with the Classy fundraising plugin.

  • First, you have to create a draft.
  • If you already have a draft campaign, go to the campaign.
  • Choose a popup or inline to embed.
  • Then complete the form by adding the required fields.

In classy there is a limited customization option available. You can select a primary color for your donation button and add a logo on the top of the form. Just that, you cannot adjust the color of the donation button. Once you are done with the design and settings, preview it before adding it to your website.

Now let’s have a look at Paymattic. The plugin allows you to build and design payment and donation forms like a pro. Its Gutenberg-style editor lets you quickly add form fields from blocks. Not just that, it has 70 + prebuilt form templates and 35+ custom input fields to create the perfect form for your business or fundraising campaign.

Let’s learn the process of creating payment and donation forms with Paymattic.

  • For that go to Paymattic dashboard > All Forms > Add new Forms.
  • Choose a prebuilt form template or go with a blank form.
  • Then insert any general fields, donation and product fields, and payment method fields as per your need.

After inserting input fields just click on the Save button. Thats all! Your form is ready to publish. You can see your created form by clicking on the preview button. Isn’t it super easy?

Make a winning decision with Paymattic

While the fundraising plugin makes it easy to collect and manage donations, it is also difficult to choose the right one because there are many of them available. So essential things to consider while selecting a fundraising plugin are flexibility, security, payment method, and friendly pricing.  

Another important thing is customization, make sure your chosen plugin is customizable enough so that when you put it on your website it looks good.

However, keeping every factor in mind we suggest the super-flexible WordPress donation plugin Paymattic. As the plugin has the capability to let you collect donations seamlessly with a magical experience. You don’t need to believe my words. Try Paymattic yourself and enjoy a flawless fundraising journey.

If you have any queries regarding the Paymattic fundraising plugin, feel free to comment below, we are always here to hear from you.

Have a good day.


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