Introducing Paymattic 4.5.2: Moneris Payment Gateway, Payment Hold on Stripe, Email Notification & More New Improvements!

Release note 4.5.2

Hello, Paymattic fans!

We are back again, with another powerful version of Paymattic. We are committed to continuous improvement of Paymattic, this update is proof of that. In this update, we added one of the most popular payment gateways Moneris, improved the Stripe payments processing system, added email notifications for admins and customers, bug fixes, and more.

So without further ado, let’s open up Paymattic 4.5.2 and see what’s inside.

Moneris payment gateway

Paymattic already offers Stripe, PayPal, and 9 other payment gateways. In this update, Paymattic added another new payment gateway that is Moneris. It is one of the most popular payment options in Canada. The payment gateway lets business owners accept digital payments and also offers a range of payment options such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, contactless payment, and more facilities. 

By integrating the Moneris payment gateway with Paymattic, businesses can accept payments worldwide as smoothly as possible. The platform also provides robust security features, and fraud prevention measures to ensure secure and reliable payment processing.

Payment hold on Stripe 

Payment hold on Stripe

Paymattic offers Stripe payment gateway, even in its free version. But before, payment can’t be held on Stripe. In this update, we added the system to hold payment on Stripe. Now users can hold an amount to reserve funds and can capture later. For example, many hotel owners often take full payment for their services before the guest arrives, but capture the money when the guest leaves the hotel. Now this can be done with the stripe payment on Paymattic.

The payment can be held for a certain period, but the admin needs to capture the amount before the expiration period. If the authorizations expire before you capture the amount, the funds are released and the payment status will be changed to cancel.

Make sure you enable the Place a hold on a payment button.

Email notification on subscription cancellation from user dashboard 

Email notification settings

Paymattic offers subscription payment and users who are using a subscription can manage their subscription details on the user dashboard. Before this update, when any user’s subscriptions were canceled from the user dashboard admin and customer couldn’t get any notification about the cancellations. 

In that case, the admin and customers can’t be notified about the cancellation instantly. This update, we ensure that the admin and customer will get email notifications instantly whenever any subscription is cancelled from the user dashboard.

To get that email notification, the admin must enable the email notification button for the customer and admin both on the email setting page.

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Add tax field in the payment receipt 

Paymattic has tax calculated amount field, by inputting this field in your form it will automatically generate the tax amount for an item. Before this release, the taxable amount for the item was not given in the payment receipt.

In this update, we have added a tax field on item details in the payment receipt. Now for each item, the taxable amount will be shown on the payment receipt. 

What we improved

Finally, it’s time to say what we improve in this update. As usual, our dedicated team works constantly to give users a smooth experience, so there are no major bugs are found at this time. We just fixed the following issue.

PayPal pending issue and PayPal IPN issue for subscription cancel

Paymattic supports the PayPal payment gateway. Before when users made payments through PayPal, payments were pending at admin. Additionally, there was also an IPN issue for subscription cancellation, if the subscription was cancelled it would only show in the PayPal dashboard the cancellation couldn’t be updated on the Paymattic dashboard, this update we fixed the issue.

Billplz issues

Paymattic offers a Billplz payment gateway, it’s the most preferred payment method of Malaysia. Whenever customers want to pay through Billplz there was a currency validation issue. Payment is marked as paid on the redirect URL when a transaction is made in a currency that is not supported by Billplz. We fixed the issue now it works properly.

Tax item calculation issue

Tax item calculation issue arises when multiple taxes are applied for the same product and then any discount is applied. In that case, the exact tax amount for the product was not calculated properly. We solved the issue in this update.

Payment summary-related issue with subscription field

There was an issue with the subscription payment item filed. When any users select a simple subscription plan (single) and enable custom amounts for customers in their form. In that case, whenever any customers enter a custom amount on the form, the amount does not appear in the payment summary. With this update, we solved the issue.

PDF-related issue

Paymattic offers PDF/invoice in its free version, which is a crucial feature for any business. On the pdf, the prefix value is shown above the invoice number itself. Generally, It should be placed beside the order number. In this update, we fixed the issue, now prefix value is shown beside the order number.

Issue with conditional logic

Paymattic allows you to set conditional logic in your form. The issue occurs when multiple radio item sets on a form and any single line tax field are set as a conditional logic here. In that case, conditional logic does not appear whenever a radio field is selected. We fix the issue in this release.

TutorLMS integration issue for paid course

Paymattic already offers integration with LMS plugins such as TutorLMS, Learndesh, and LifterLMS to help you sell online courses. However, there is an issue that arises for the paid course of TutorLMS, the contact doesn’t get listed in the course, but It works well for the free course. The new version fixes the issue, every contact is now listed for both free and paid courses.

What’s next?

That’s all about the Paymattic 4.5.2 update! We Paymattic team works hard to give our users a smoother user experience in 2024, and that’s why we decided to continuous improvement of our plugin. The more features are knocking at the door, keep patience and experience the magic.

We would greatly appreciate it if you provided us with your suggestions, ideas, or feature requests and shared your thoughts about this update! 

Thanks for always being with us, see you in the next release.

Have a nice day.

If you don’t use Paymattic yet, our suggestion would be to first go with the free version. We are confident that you will definitely enjoy what we offer.

Try Paymattic & join the thousands already enjoying it.

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