Introducing Paymattic 4.5.4: Viva Wallet Payment Gateway, Donation Progress Item [Free] & More New Improvements!

release FT 4.5.4

The wait is over. Paymattic version 4.5.4 is here!

Just last month, we released an incredible version that offers Moneris payment gateway, and many more! We are back again within a month with another popular payment gateway, Viva Wallet. Additionally, we have made the donation and payment templates free for you. Also, you will get Donation Progress Item available in the free version.

We kept our promise of continuous improvements.

So, without making you wait longer, let’s discover what’s inside Paymattic 4.5.4.

Changelog 4.5.4

Viva Wallet payment gateway

Viva Wallet payment gateway

Paymattic already offers Stripe (free), PayPal, and 10 other payment gateways. With this update, Paymattic brings another payment gateway as an add-on, Viva Wallet, to give users a hassle-free transaction experience. 

Viva Wallet is the first entirely cloud-based European neobank with a presence in 24 European countries. The payment gateway provides businesses with a convenient way to accept online payments securely over the internet. With Viva Wallet, an organization can expand their payment options and offer their customers to make transactions at a low cost. 

The most important thing is, that Viva Wallet is fully compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 standards, offering extra protection throughout the payment journey and safeguarding customer data.

Donation Progress Item available on the free version

Donation form with progress bar field

You know how important a Donation Progress Item is for a fundraising campaign. As it lets fundraisers and non-profit organizations transparently showcase the real-time progress of their donation campaigns.

Paymattic made this feature available in the free version! Now, all users can easily create a donation form with the Donation Progress Item feature. Additionally, the following features are also available on the Paymattic free version:

  • Prebuilt donation and payment form template
  • Multi-step form
  • Donation Progress Item
  • Custom payment amount
  • PDF invoice
  • Stripe payment gateway and more!

If you don’t use Paymattic yet, our suggestion would be to first go with the free version. We are confident that you will definitely enjoy what we offer.

Adds new free donation and payment templates 

free donation and payment templates 

Paymattic already has 70+ prebuilt form templates in its Pro version. In this release, Paymattic offers donation and payment template available in its free version. 

This provides users with the convenience of effortlessly creating donation or payment forms by simply choosing these templates. With a simple click, users can access and customize these pre-built templates to easily create the desired donation or payment forms to suit their needs.

Adds form Active/Inactive feature

Adds form active/inactive option

In Paymattic, you have the flexibility to control the display of your forms based on your specific needs. If you only want to showcase a form for a certain period and deactivate it afterward, Paymattic lets you easily manage the form’s status.

When your form is live on your site, its status is marked as active. To deactivate the form, simply navigate to the form settings and disable the form status button. This action will automatically deactivate the form on your site, ensuring that it is no longer visible to visitors.

With this feature, you have full control over the visibility of your forms, allowing you to maintain relevance and manage the display based on your schedule and requirements.

User Dashboard improvement

User dashboard improvement

Paymattic offers User Dashboard feature that allowed end users to access their dashboards, view submitted information, and payment history. However, a notable absence was the lack of a logout button, making it a hassle for users to log out from the Paymattic dashboard.

In the latest version, we have added a logout button within the Paymattic dashboard. This new functionality of this feature helps users to easily logout from their Paymattic User Dashboard.

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Adds conditional logic for coupon code

Add Conditional logic for coupon code

Paymattic has a coupon code feature that lets website owners offer discounts on their payment form. Before there was no conditional logic for coupon codes, in this release we added conditional logic field to the coupon code feature. Now, users can set specific conditions to offer the discount amount.

Fixes small bugs and features improvement

In this update of Paymattic, we have focused on resolving small bugs and enhancing various features. We love to hear from our users, we constantly review the feedback of our users and improve our plugin as well. With this update, we have fixed all existing bugs and improved the functionality of the existing feature.

We appreciate your feedback because it helps us make Paymattic more user-friendly in the days ahead. If you face any new issues, feel free to comment below.

What’s next?

Something special is brewing for the next release, so don’t miss out, and stay tuned with us.

As we’re committed to breaking the boundaries of payment innovation, and version 4.5.4 is just the beginning. Buckle up for more thrilling updates on the horizon, and let’s take your payment processing to new heights with Paymattic!

Thanks for always being with us, see you in the next release.

A bonus tip. If you have a plan to purchase the Pro version, you can grab our ongoing special discount!

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