How To Accept Online Payment Through Moneris Payment Gateway

Accept online payment through Moneris payment gateway

Whenever you provide an extra payment option to the customer, you’re opening an extra door of purchase for them. People love to shop with their local currency. That’s why, when you give customers a choice of payment, make sure it’s friendly and popular in their locality.

Moneris payment gateway is widely popular and one of the leading payment processors in Canada. If you’re planning to expand your business in Canada and want to accept CAD payments, then introducing Moneris is a must-do job.

So, this article will give you a complete guide on how you can accept online payments or donations using the Moneris payment gateway.

What is Moneris payment?

Moneris is the number one Canadian payment processor and payment gateway solution. It offers a range of services to businesses, including credit and debit card processing, e-commerce payment integration, and fraud prevention tools.

It offers a direct checkout experience so that customers don’t need to redirect anywhere. Based on the merchant account, Moneris allows accepting payments in CAD and USD.

Moneris payment gateway services are known for their reliability, security, and ease of integration with various e-commerce platforms. It processes more than 3 billion transactions in a year.

Why do you need Moneris payment gateway?

key benefits of Moneris payment gateway

As Moneris is leading in Canada, it must be offered to customers if you operate your business there. Local people always love to purchase something in their local currencies.

If you want to expand your businesses or raise money from different corners of the world, make sure you’re giving them a personalized experience.

For example, if your business operates in Indonesia, the Philippines, or the Southeast Asia region, then customers would love to purchase through Xendit instead of PayPal, even though PayPal is available worldwide.

For the same reason, you should introduce the Moneris payment system to your e-commerce stores to receive CAD payments. However, many region-based WooCommerce payment gateways are also available that support multi-currency.

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Moneris payment processors provide a smooth transaction experience through the direct checkout process, which results in more repeat customers. It accepts payment through all major credit cards and offers an automatic refund system.

Moneris allows customers to securely save card to their account for future purchases. So that you won’t need to input the details manually every time.

It has strong eFraud protection tools with address and card verification. People love its solid security options and its user-friendliness. However, there are some weaknesses in this payment processor, as per the user reviews.

Integrate Moneris payment gateway to your WordPress website and start accepting money

To instantly start accepting payments and donations, you need to integrate the Moneris payment method into your WordPress website. 

There are some premium plugins like Paymattic, which offers multiple payment gateways, including Moneris, Stripe, PayPal, Xendit, Mollie, etc., for businesses to receive region-based payments.

Let’s go into the simple process of integrating Moneris into the Paymattic WordPress plugin. There are a few steps to follow:

Install Paymattic

  • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Click on Plugins Add New.
  • Search for Paymattic and install the plugin.
  • Click on the Activate button.

[Note: You need to upgrade to the pro version to use Moneris.]. Paymattic Free offers a Stripe payment gateway.

accept online payments through paymattic

Moneris configuration option in Paymattic

After completing the installation process, now you need to configure Moneris in Paymattic. Remember, including Moneris, you can integrate 11 more payment gateways into this plugin, following almost the same process.

To configure Moneris,

  • Navigate to Paymattic (Pro) Payment Gateway from the top bar.
  • Here, you can find all the available payment gateways. Select Moneris from the left sidebar.
  • Click on Install and Activate Moneris.
activate Moneris

On the configuration page, there will be two modes for payment.

  • Test Mode: For testing Moneris payments.
  • Live Mode: It’s for real payment transactions on your site.

To add Moneris Payment Gateway to Paymattic, you need to provide some credentials here. You will get these credentials in your Moneris account. 

Moneris payment gateway integration - Paymattic

Moneris credentials for configuring with Paymattic

To get the credentials, you need to login to your Moneris account first. Then go to Profile Details from the right sidebar. In the Test Credentials section, click on Full Profile, complete your profile details, and get your credentials.

credentials of Moneris payment

Complete the section by providing all the necessary information, then click on the Request Testing Credentials button.

Canadian Payment through Moneris

You’ll get the Store ID and API Token. Copy these credentials.

CAD payment

Get Moneris Checkout ID

To get the Checkout ID

  • Go to Moneris Profile again → Test Credential Section.
  • You’ll find your Store ID and Access Token there.
  • Click on the Merchant Resource Center button.
  • Provide your Username, Store ID, and Password, and click on Submit.

They’ll ask you to add some security questions here to enhance security. Add them, and click on the Save Reset Password Data button now. 

Moneris Payment Processor

Now, you’ve got access to the Moneris Resource Center. Go to Admin from the navigation bar and select Moneris Checkout Config from the drop-down list.

Configuration of Moneris

Click on the Create Profile button, and you’ll see the Checkout ID.

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Configuring Moneris payment gateway with Paymattic

Now, it’s time to configure Moneris with Paymattic. To do so, copy and paste the Store ID, API Token, and Checkout ID, and click on the Save Settings button. 

Integration of Moneris

That’s it!! 

Now you’re all set to accept online payments and donations through the Moneris payment gateway.

Wrapping up

Offering an extra method for payments has no disadvantages. It’ll always keep you slightly ahead of your competitors. If you integrate the Moneris payment processor, your customers are more likely to feel connected and might end up making a purchase.

At the end of the day, you want a trigger point that’ll attract customers and drive revenue. Introducing a popular local payment gateway can be the trigger point. Then why not take the chance?

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