Paymattic Version 4.2.0 – Say Hello to Customer Profiles

Paymattic 4.2.0 - WordPress release

It’s been almost a month since our last release. We can imagine you may be getting restless for more. So hold your horses as we present to you the freshest Paymattic features and shiny new upgrades.

Say hello to Paymattic 4.2.0 – packed with exciting new features you all have been waiting for. But what can they be?

What’s new in Paymattic 4.2.0?

Customer profile

Customer profile - Paymattic - WordPress payment forms

Knowing your customers better will always give you an extra edge over your marketing policy. This is why Paymattic offers a thorough customer profiling dashboard so that you can get a better insight into each of your customers.

Now, take your campaign to the next level and enjoy better customer engagement with Paymattic. With the customer profile feature, you will be able to view the following details.

  • Customer’s name
  • Customer’s email
  • Payment history
  • Permissions
  • Subscription details
  • Customer engagement by form
  • Customer’s spending vs. date graph
  • Activity

You will also be able to filter the activity data by date and payment status.

Condition with dynamic payment items

Conditional logic on dynamic payment items - Paymattic - WordPress payment forms

Conditional logic was a much sought-out feature from our fellow Paymattic users. Hence, Paymattic incorporates this innovative feature in different ways. In the previous versions, you could use the conditional logic feature to add integration feeds, add input fields, and even add courses through various LMSs.

Along with the general fields, you can also configure conditional logic with the following Donation and Product Fields:

  • Subscription Payment Item
  • Tabular Product Items
  • Donation Progress
  • Item Quantity
  • Custom Payment Amount
  • Payment Summary

With Paymattic 4.2.0, you can take this even further and implement conditional logic with dynamic payment items as well. 

100% discount with coupon payment

Coupons - Paymattic - WordPress payments

Nothing gives your sales campaign a better boost than coupons. People love coupons. Hence, it’s always a best practice to configure some coupons to promote your products or services.

Previously you could configure coupons and set as many as you wanted on your forms. Now, you can achieve more, as Paymattic 4.2.0 lets you give up to 100% discount.

What’s next?

Great things, definitely. But we will need your assistance getting there. Comment down below what awesome features you’ll love to see next, and our development team will get back on delivering them as soon as possible.

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