How to Conduct Market Research for Your Online Course?

market research for online course

Have you ever done market research for your business?

If you haven’t ever tried to do market research for an online course, now’s the time! These days, market research is crucial for success in any business. Before starting your dream business, you have to know the market first. 

But for that, first, you have to know what exactly market research is!

Conducting market research means gathering ideas about your targeted audience, their preference, and recent trends. Let’s say you want to sell courses online, for that you have to know which types of courses will be preferred by your audience. Your entire hard work for creating a course and succeeding depends on how well you’re doing the market research.

Today in this article we will show you how you can conduct market research for online courses. So let’s dive right into it. First see why doing market research is important for you and your business.

Why is it important to conduct market research?

Suppose you’re going to sell courses online, but you have zero idea about which types of courses are now in trend and which your audience prefers. In this circumstance, your entire effort may be wasted because of less market knowledge.

However, by understanding audiences’ expectations, market trends, and competitors’ activities, any business can make a perfect business strategy accordingly. And that’s the main concept of market research. So before investing time and effort in creating your online course, ensure you do proper market research.

Steps to conduct market research for your online course

Conducting market is not the same for every person, because everyone has a different perspective, but here we tried to list some basic steps to start market research for your online course. Hope that will definitely help you. Let’s take a closer look at how you can conduct market research for an online course.

Course ideation process

Course ideation process

Whenever you think about starting selling courses online, the first thing you have to decide carefully is to generate a course creation idea. It may sound simple, but generating a valid course idea takes a lot of work. Because others may have already written on your selected topic. So to stand out in the competition you must think uniquely.

Before you start, make sure your chosen topic is on the trend now.

Identify your audience’s needs

Knowing your audience is mandatory for running a successful business. If you know who is your audience and what is their preference, then it will be easy for you to work towards the right target.

But for this, you have to learn the reader’s mind, and as a creator, you must identify for whom your courses are beneficial, beginner or expert-level learners. You also have to find out what audience expects from your courses, such as self-development, knowledge, support, articles, or others. This market research ultimately helps you to create a course that is more audience-oriented and reliable.

Analyzing competitors 

Keeping an eye on your competitors is a great way to stand out from others. By analyzing what other companies are doing, you can set different strategies for staying ahead of this competition.

For example, if you want to create a course on a specific niche, market research enables you to differentiate your course and also lets you find in which portion you may fall behind. Ultimately, it creates the opportunity to provide a better offering than others.

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Utilize tools for keyword research

Utilize tools for keyword research

Keyword research is the most effective way to find out what exactly people are looking for. Once you finalize, that you are going to make a course for specific criteria, you can research keywords related to your course. 

There are many tools out there that can help you easily do keyword research for your course, such as Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Google Trends, and more!

Keyword research is also useful for scoping out the interest of the audience in your keywords and also lets you get new keyword ideas that you may not think about.

Know the market trend

Another effective way of market research is to understand the market trend. Creating something extraordinary is cool, but going against the flow may be risky sometimes! You must be up-to-date with the latest market trends.

You should join communities to stay updated and use resources like Google Trends to gain insight into recent trends. This will ultimately help you to know which types of topics are of growing interest to the people and also let you know if your topic is seasonal or constant. 

Establish your expertise

Now it’s time to establish your expertise here. Your audience must want to invest in something that adds value to their lives, so it’s your turn to make a course that fully covers your audience’s queries.

People generally prefer to take courses from an expert who has the proper knowledge. So in your writing, you have to convince your audience you have experience on this particular subject.

You can use several ways to customize your course but make sure your courses ultimately serve the best way to provide data that covers the audience’s needs.

Survey and feedback

How do you know you created the best course, without knowing the opinion of your learners?

Survey is the easy solution here to get to know what is actually on readers’ minds, so you can set up a survey at the end of your course where people can give you feedback about your course.

This way you understand what is your audience’s preference and what needs to be improved to provide a better online course further.

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Hit your goal with proper market research 

Market research is a must-have thing, to understand the preferences and needs of potential learners, identify the competitors, and tailor the course as per the recent market trends. However, solutions like Tutor LMS or Learndash can make your course creation process easy and fun!

In this article, we try to provide a roadmap that can assist in making your online course more attractive to the audience and help you to sell the online courses successfully. For any further inquiry, feel free to ask and keep reading our blogs to gather more information.

Oh, one thing more, don’t forget to build an online course website after creating your online course!

Have a good day.


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