Paymattic Year in Review 2023: A Year Full of Surprises!

Year in Review 2023

Hello, Paymattic fans!

It’s just 10 days left to bid farewell to the incredible year 2023. We started this year with a spirit of growth, development, and improving Paymattic a lot more. We are grateful for the journey we have had together and the fantastic user community like you who have made it all possible. 

We are thrilled to reflect on the amazing year we have gone through. So, let’s jump into the Paymattic year in review 2023.

Paymattic 2023 highlights: A year of milestones

Year in Review 2024

We are super excited to announce the milestones we have achieved throughout the year. We always put users first in every single decision we make for Paymattic. So, all the improvements, recent releases and updates were focused on enhanced user experience. And such user-centric improvement made this year a success. Here’s a quick sneak peek of what we have achieved throughout the year 2023.

  • Paymattic is used by 3,000+ businesses worldwide.
  • Paymattic has 70,000+ downloads as per WordPress data.
  • According to the WordPress repository, Paymattic has a 4.5-star rating to date.
  • Paymattic released 5 updates throughout the year.
  • Only in 2023, 2,142 customer support tickets were replied with a 92% satisfaction rate.
  • Paymattic introduced 2 new payment gateways & 3 heavy-weight features in 2023.
  • Paymattic published 85+ insightful blogs and documentation to help customers succeed in 2023.

Added new shopping cart form template

Shopping cart

Paymattic is mostly used for easily accepting payments from customers. Our users had to do a lot of work-around to present their products on a page in a shopping cart style. So, Paymattic came up with a new feature for creating a shopping cart page unbelievably easy and effortless. It introduced a new shopping cart template that allows you to present your products in cool cart formats making it easy for your users to check out swiftly.

And it’s really so simple to execute. All you have to do is create a form and get on with it. Check out this blog for more details.

Introduced offline subscription management

Offline subscription

Receiving subscription payments is a powerful feature of Paymattic. Earlier in 2023, users were able to make subscriptions only using online payment methods such as Stripe, Square or PayPal.

Some users are skeptical about sharing their banking credentials online. So, Paymattic brings the solution by managing subscriptions through the offline payment method. Now, you can even provide various subscription plans for services like gym membership, regular workshops, online courses and more through offline payments and not miss out on any paying customer.

Added Square subscription payment


Square is one of the most popular payment gateways offered by Paymattic. It supported one-time payment in the earlier version of Paymattic. Paymattic enhanced the feature with Square subscription payment this year. So, now users can make subscription payments using the Square payment gateway.

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Added Xendit & Flutterwave payment gateways

As user satisfaction is our top priority, we tried to come up with the features that bring the best value for our end-users. We were receiving continuous feature requests for Xendit & Flutterwave payment gateways.

So, our developer team worked promptly and we added two more payment gateways to the fleet. The addition of two new payment gateways in 2023 has expanded the horizon and enabled users to accept payments easily from Southeast Asia & African regions.

Launched Currency Switcher field


You can accept donations with Paymattic in more than 135 currencies. Earlier, the donation form was able to display a single currency that had been pre-selected by the admin. 

So, we introduced the Currency Switcher field in Paymattic 4.4.3 that will display multiple currencies on the donation form and users can choose which currency they want to pay with. It helps the user to decide exactly what amount he needs to pay while donating using the form that displays a different currency. 

Besides, the Currency Switcher field converts currencies automatically through a live API key, so that the admin doesn’t need to set the currency conversion rate manually. It’s so simple and intuitive, just like real magic!

Improved user interface

Advanced Editor

We fine-tuned the UI of the Advanced Editor and Paymattic got a more clear & nifty look in 2023. With more colorful configuration buttons we have added an interactive message hovering over every field so that users feel well-guided while creating the form.

What’s waiting next?

So, we have implemented some cool features in 2023. But, something more amazing lies on the horizon. We are eagerly waiting for the dawn of a fresh calendar ahead and planning to unfold some new features such as PDF invoicing, user dashboard, donor leaderboard and more.

We value your feedback and cater to your preferences by crafting a priority list based on what our users want. Like us on Facebook and let us know in the comments what features you want to see next. 

Last but not least, we extend our heartful thanks to you & our beloved user community for supporting the Paymattic WordPress plugin. Wishing you another year of success in advance.

Happy New Year!

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