How to Enable Telegram Notifications for Online Payment

Enable Telegram Notification for Online Paymen

Checking the report every time someone made a payment is so boring. Just imagine, your customer made a payment on the website and you got an instant notification on your Telegram. It would be so amazing, right?

Getting Telegram notifications from your WordPress website isn’t rocket science anymore. Starting from simple form submission to online payments or donations, you can get notifications for almost anything your users submit on your site. You can do the trick with a simple Telegram integration with the Paymattic WordPress plugin on your site. 

Today, we will show you how to integrate Telegram with WordPress payment form to receive Telegram notifications while a customer submits a form.

What is Telegram?

Source: Telegram website

Telegram is a cross-platform instant messaging app with end-to-end encryption as well as enhanced data privacy features. It is supported on almost all platforms such as Andoroid, iOS, Windows or cloud. Even you can access Telegram from your desktop browser.

It is a cloud-based app that allows users to send messages, make voice and video calls, share files, and engage in group chats. Launched in 2013, Telegram gained popularity for its focus on privacy and security features. 

Telegram also offers additional features like channels, which allow users to subscribe to content from their favorite creators or organizations, and bots, which provide automated services and interactions within the app. It is available for various platforms, including mobile devices and desktop computers, making it a versatile communication tool for individuals and communities alike.

Paymattic for Telegram integration in WordPress

Telegram integration

Paymattic is the unparalleled WordPress donation and payment plugin that helps you create payment forms in a blink and receive funds in 10 payment gateways with this plugin.

This plugin comes with 70+ payment & donation templates with 35+ custom form fields. You can integrate your form with Telegram as well as 13 other third-party platforms for better functionality.

Besides, this plugin offers a bundle of the 10 most popular payment gateways worldwide. These are – 

  • Stripe (free)
  • PayPal
  • Square
  • Mollie
  • Razorpay
  • Payrexx
  • Paystack
  • Billplz 
  • Xendit

It has an advanced editor that helps you build payment forms really fast. You can find many more thrilling features with Paymattic such as donor profile, subscription payments, donation progress bar, tabular product fields and many more.

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How to enable Telegram notifications for online payment

Integrating Telegram with Paymattic allows you to send instant notifications to a channel or group when a user submits a form. Let’s learn how to integrate Telegram with Paymattic by following some easy steps.

  • First, go to the Paymattic → Integrations in your WordPress admin dashboard & then Enable Telegram from Paymattic Integration Modules.
Enable Telegram
  • Now, access your Telegram account and create a Bot by sending the /newbot command to @BotFather in Telegram. After finishing the steps @BotFather will give you the Bot Token.
  • Next, create a channel/group in Telegram and add the Bot as Administrator of the channel/group. Forward a message from your channel or group to @JsonDumpBot to receive a Chat ID.
  • Copy your Bot Token and Chat ID. Then, go to Paymattic (Pro) → Settings and press Telegram Messenger from the left sidebar. Paste your Bot Token and Chat ID in the input field. At last, finish the step by clicking on the Save Settings button.
Save setting
  • Now, click Paymattic (Pro) → All Forms and select the form you want to integrate Telegram Messenger with or you can create a new form.
  • Click on Edit under the form name.
form edit
  • Next, go to Integrations from the top bar.
  • Click on Add New Integration and go to Telegram Messenger Integration.
Add integrations

So, we are almost done. 

  • Set your Telegram Messenger Feed name and type a message to send as a notification from your Telegram Bot.
  • Now, check the Enable This Feed button to initiate the module with your form.
  • Finally, click on Create Telegram Messenger Feed and complete the integration.
Create feed

Excellent! You have just integrated Telegram on your site. It’s so easy and simple. Now, you will receive notifications in Telegram when someone submits a new form.

Final words

Enabling Telegram notifications after payment has endless benefits for both businesses and customers. Leverage the fast and secure nature of the Telegram messaging platform, and you can effectively communicate payment-related information to your customers in real-time. This not only enhances the overall customer experience but also improves transparency and reduces the likelihood of payment-related disputes or errors.

Try Paymattic today and double the power of your payment form with Telegram integration. If you already love the feature, share with us how it helped maintain your small business.

Good luck!

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