Personal Fundraising: Where to Start?

personal fundraising

Life is a constant adventure, people often face many unexpected urgencies like medical emergencies, educational expenses, renovating old houses, or supporting friends and family in their hard times.

No matter what the scenario is, fundraising is one of the great options to overcome these challenging situations.

We all know many people think fundraising is just a non-profit thing, any person can raise funds if any situation occurs. Individual fundraising may differ from ordinary fundraising, but the goal is ultimately the same.

Today in this blog we will share with you some personal fundraising ideas and how you can start a personal fundraising journey effortlessly.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is personal fundraising?

personal fundraising

Personal fundraising is where people raise funds for their personal needs, friends, family, or any other cause. It allows people to gather financial support for specific purposes such as medical expenses, education, travel, or any unexpected environmental disasters. In personal fundraising, how funds will be raised depends on the individual, whether online or offline. Individuals in their need can start a traditional fundraising campaign or accept donations online.

You may think that people do fundraising only when bad things happen. Wrong! Many people raise funds to support charity organizations or help friends or family in an urgent situation.

However, before starting a individual fundraising campaign, it’s important to keep in mind the following things:

  • Disclose your goal
  • Share your story
  • Connect with the potential donor
  • Utilize social media
  • Choose an online fundraising platform
  • Create offline campaign
  • Follow legal and ethical guidelines

These strategies will ultimately help you to maximize your reach and impact.

Personal fundraising ideas

Once you decide to raise funds for a specific cause, it’s time to generate some ideas to reach your goal. Let’s discover some individual fundraising ideas that can help to keep your supporters engaged and raise funds for your cause.

Event fundraiser – Organize various fundraising events such as fun runs, bake sales, coffee sales, movie nights, talent shows, and more like that. Charge a small entry fee or sell a ticket for the event. These events ultimately help to reach your fundraising goal by involving more people.

Creative project – If you or your family and friends have creativity like painting, crafting, photography, or writing, you can sell the artwork. You can also offer a customization option to the customer, which will help to raise more funds.

Products sale – Selling products is a wise decision to raise funds. Sell various products like T-shirts, jewellery, household materials, and others, but make sure that your selling price covers the expense.

Bonus tip: Selling products online will be the best option because this can let you directly sell products from your website. Tell people the reason behind your selling, your story may encourage them to make a purchase.

Personal appeals – Utilize social media, email, or other convenient ways to share your story and goal of fundraising. Make everything transparent to the audience, and ask them to make some contributions to your cause.

Virtual Workshop – Hosting a virtual workshop can be a great fundraising medium. If you have skills in a specific topic, you can arrange a virtual workshop where you teach people on various topics and are charged an amount for each course. 

Bonus tip: With the help of the LMS plugin, you can easily create and sell online courses.

Online fundraising – Virtual fundraising is the best option to raise funds as there is no need for in-person contacts. All you need is a well-designed website and a seamless payment plugin to collect donations. Online fundraising platform like Paymattic offers extreme flexibility to operate the whole process.

Now you may think why Paymattic? Because it is the ultimate donation plugin that comes with a clean interface and zero-coding features to make your fundraising journey flawless. Out of many, here are some of the notable donation features of Paymattic that you can use on your fundraising campaign:

Pre-built form template – Start creating an amazing donation form with a vast collection of pre-built form templates, crafted for various non-profits and individuals.

Recurring donation – Ensure continuous funds for your campaign so you can focus on your projects fully. With flexible recurring donations online, you can give your donors full freedom to set their own pace.

Donation goal – Encourage the sense of giving with smart progress bars and statistics. Once the user puts forward their donation, they can see the impact their contribution has in real-time.

Donor profiles – Know your supporter better with a donor profile, it showcases all crucial data like payment history, subscription details, and permissions. 

Payment method – Collect donations globally with Stripe, PayPal, and 11 other payment gateways.

Detailed reports and charts – Get a complete insight into your donation campaigns with neat charts and clean numbers. Use solid data to design more successful online fundraisers with Paymattic.

Spam protection – The plugin is built-in with the Google ReCAPTCHA feature, so it can automatically protect your web form and website from any unwanted spam.

What sets Paymattic apart? Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality. Whether you’re an individual seeking a simple payment solution or a non-profit looking for custom donation options, Paymattic has you covered.

Now, let’s see how easy it is to start online fundraising with Paymattic.

Steps to start personal fundraising online

I have already shared some individual fundraising ideas you can use in your fundraising campaign. Now, I will show you the basic steps to start fundraising online.

Create your WordPress website


Building a dedicated donation website is a primary step to starting fundraising online, and WordPress is the best option for creating a free website.

Your site must be transparent to the audience, as it contains detailed information about the cause for which funds are raised. This transparency encourages donors to make informed decisions. However, organizations and individuals can reach a larger audience with the help of a donation website.

Install Paymattic

To install Paymattic, go to your WordPress dashboard and search for Paymattic. Install and activate the plugin.

Install Paymattic

Make donation form

The most important part is creating an eye-catching donation form to attract donors. 

  • To create a donation form, go to Paymattic (Pro) → All Forms → Add New Form. Then select Simple Form Templates to create a donation form.
simple form templates
  • Choose any template as your preference.
choose template
  • When you select any template, it will take you to the custom form field setting page. Now customize your forms with desired fields and click on the Save button.
donation template
  • You are all done! Now preview your form. Your form might look like this.
donation form

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Publish form on your site

The final task after creating the form is to publish it on a donation page of your website. 

  • To do so. Go to Paymattic > All Forms, copy the short code, and paste it where you want to publish the form.

After publishing, you can easily collect donations through your website.

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Start your personal fundraising campaign now!

During difficult times, personal fundraising can be a powerful option for seeking support. Authenticity, transparency, and effective communication between organizers and supporters are key to a successful personal fundraising campaign. 

Anyone can raise funds for their family, friends, or community people with the help of a fundraising platform. You can undoubtedly choose Paymattic above other donation plugins because of its easy-to-use functionality and outstanding donation features. 

So what are you waiting for? Start fundraising for personal needs and achieve your goal.

Good luck with your fundraising efforts.

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