Take Online Store to the Next Level with WooCommerce Builder: 9 Actionable Tips

Take Online Store to the Next Level with WooCommerce Builder

To stay ahead of the curve, your WooCommerce store should be modern and competitive. 

If you feel like it’s stuck in the past, then it’s time to look for some pro tips!

WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for WordPress that has paved the way for opening e-commerce online businesses for years. It is a dedicated builder that can significantly enhance the process and offer several advantages for you.

You may know how to build your online store, but there’s always room for improvement. Today, we’ll present some effective tips to make your store stand out. 

Let’s get started…

Why WooCommerce Builder?

To simplify complex WooCommerce design, empower non-coders, and help boost conversion rates, you must use a WooCommerce builder.

Let’s have a look at more benefits you can get by choosing a WooCommerce builder:

✔ A good WooCommerce builder combines lightweight design, blazing fast loading speed, and advanced modules to empower any eCommerce store. – It’s a feature-enriched platform

✔ From physical products to digital downloads and subscriptions, the builder accommodates it all. – Sell anything

✔ The standard WooCommerce builder helps you to optimize your store for search engines. Thus, your site can attract organic traffic. – SEO-friendly

✔ The builder ensures a seamless shopping experience for mobile users. – Mobile-friendly

✔ It has a thriving community of users and developers that lets you get support and advice. – A large community

Actionable tips to lift up your store using a WooCommerce builder

You can give your WooCommerce online store a fresh coat of paint and convert it into a sales superstar. But Is that a lengthy process? 

The answer is no… given that you do it with the right WooCommerce builder!

Here are some quick and effective tips on how to do that –

Is your store mobile-friendly?

According to Outerbox Design –

More than 56% of all online sales come from mobile devices. 

Mobile devices have the most widespread and diverse user base. If your site isn’t easy to navigate and shop on smartphones and tablets, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential customers. It saves time, as people can browse and make purchases anytime from anywhere using their smartphones. 

Additionally, Google also favors mobile-friendly websites with functional UX. So, you have to make the design of your online store responsive. 

Seamless UX = Happy customers!

Pick a lightweight WooCommerce solution

You might think, “Isn’t WooCommerce itself the solution for my WooCommerce site?”

Well, while the platform lays a fantastic foundation, a dedicated WooCommerce builder goes beyond the core functionality and helps you create a seamless user experience. It’s like adding a skilled architect to your construction project. 

For instance – if you look at the WooCommerce builder ShopEngine, it offers a standard complement to WooCommerce websites using Elementor or the Block Editor. It helps to design custom features and ensure everything on your online store runs smoothly. 

Focus on conversion-driven elements

Planning effective strategies helps to attract visitors. You can do strategic placement of calls to action, product highlights, and clear navigation for improved sales. 

For example, you can display your products through a quick-view pop-up. This way visitors interact with products more easily. You can use the Quick View module of ShopEngine to add this feature to your online store.

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Find out why customers jump ship

Are the shopping carts filled with items that customers didn’t buy? Yes, it happens in the world of online shopping, it’s known as abandoned carts. If you want to improve your WooCommerce business, then you must know the reasons behind this. 

The possible reasons may be – a confusing checkout process, hidden or unexpected costs, forceful account creation, security concerns, a slow website, etc. Working on these things will let you transform those lost sales into a thriving business

How to make the payment process easy?

Easy checkout and payment reduce cart abandonment. Fewer clicks and understandable steps make buyers more comfortable. So, you should optimize the payment experience that satisfy customers.

Using a dedicated plugin, you can facilitate a simple payment process. Among the WordPress plugins, the Paymattic WordPress payment and donation plugin is a good choice. It is a lightweight plugin, good for small businesses, online fundraisers, membership programs, and others. It’s so easy, offers smooth transactions for your customers, and boosts sales effectively.

Work on user experience

A strong brand reputation mostly depends on user experience. You can run A/B tests and analytics to understand user behavior and optimize performance accordingly. 

Also, it will help in overall WooCommerce performance optimization. 

The process is to run the testing on different layouts and elements, browse users’ history, observe users’ reviews, search for past purchases, etc.
That way, you will know the activities of your visitors, recommend products, and take other actions accordingly.

Search for customer reviews on UX and take inspiration. Don’t ignore negative feedback, don’t get frustrated. Find out the issues and work accordingly.

Add Wishlist to the WooCommerce store

It’s an easy and sweet trick to keep the customers engaged with your store.

Customers may not be ready to buy their listed products right now but they will return to the list and complete their purchase. 

It also makes customers feel valued. In addition, this feature lets you analyze which items are most wish-listed to understand what’s truly enticing and adjust your plan accordingly.

Offer discounts

Discounts are your secret weapon!

Attractive offers can grab people’s attention quickly, and increase sales and engagement. This win-win rule of WooCommerce will also bring new customers,  clear your old stock, and satisfy your existing customers. Many plugins have features to design appealing sales. 

For instance, using ShopEngine’s Flash Sale Countdown module, you can display limited-time discounts on products, create urgency, and boost your sales.

Analyse reports regularly

Well, to optimize your WooCommerce store, making different reports and analyzing them is crucial. Reports provide you with raw data, insights, measurable results, and other benefits. Thus, you can make decisions fast and convert them into actions.

Over again, a suitable plugin can help you get your required reports. Paymattic is a useful plugin without any doubt. The plugin offers an advanced reporting feature. Whether you want a campaign’s outcome, calculate revenue, top customers, or form performance all are easily accessible with Paymattic.

Check your site speed regularly

Sometimes websites get slow and we don’t recognize it timely. So, checking the speed and speeding up the site is crucial for a positive user experience. Less-quality pictures, heavy styles, cart fragments, clogged customer sessions, etc. are the possible causes of a slow site. 

To solve these issues, increase the memory limit, and use cache plugins with CDNs for better results.

Start sharing success stories

Do you know?

Before buying a product, 95% of customers read online reviews.

Source: Luisa Zhou

Yes, almost all of us like to check reviews and success rates.

If you still haven’t tried this method, then try now. You can consider sharing the customers’ feedback, case studies, ratings, awards, and relevant things. It helps to build trust and fasten customers’ purchasing decisions. 

Also, success stories will boost your brand awareness and create a community around your brand.

Time to convert the tips into actions!

There are thousands of reasons why the open-source platform WooCommerce is good for you. But, you must search for the latest solutions to take your dream online to an advanced level. As we have shared, there are creative possibilities for your online store. 

Follow the tips and remember, it’s a journey- always experiment, play, and refine your vision.

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