5 Fundraising Secrets No One Will Ever Tell You

fundraising secrets

Fundraising is quite challenging!

It’s not as easy as it seems. Anyone who has ever tried to raise funds for their cause knows how hard it is. Fear not, by employing some tricks, you can run a successful fundraising campaign. 

Whether you’re a non-profit organizer or a passionate individual, join us to discover some most useful fundraising secrets that can unlock your fundraising potential.

After researching numerous options, we put together the top 5 fundraising solutions that will work like magic in growing your non-profit’s funds.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is non-profit fundraising?

Fundraising is the lifeblood of any charitable community. Non-profit organizations often raise funds to achieve their mission and significantly impact the world. 

Non-profit fundraising is an ongoing process of asking for contributions from any for-profit organizations, individuals, companies, or foundations. It’s no matter how small or big your non-profit is, fundraising is a must-have thing for the sustainable growth of your organization.

You may notice that many non-profits depend only on traditional fundraising methods, but now it can be done easily online. Just set up a website, create a donation form, allow multiple payment gateways, get in touch with supporters, and monitor the progress of your campaign. 

That’s all, isn’t it cool!

However, if you are already collecting donations or going to start a campaign, follow the secret tips to overcome fundraising challenges.

Top 5 Fundraising Secrets to Success 

Have you ever tried to raise funds for your cause?

If the answer is yes, then you know how difficult it is. It’s not only fear of rejection but also a matter of hesitation. People who are fundraising on behalf of any charity, also feel the same, when they ask to donate.

To overcome this circumstance, there needs to be a specific plan. Here we listed the top 5 fundraising secrets that will definitely help you.

  • Organize a charity campaign
  • Ensure transparency with supporters 
  • Diversify fundraising strategy 
  • Choose the right fundraising tool
  • Express gratitude to donors

Organize a charity campaign

Everything needs to be focused. Without perfect advertising, it’s not possible to reach the ultimate goal. Fundraising doesn’t magically start! It’s not like just building a non-profit organization and people come to you with their contributions.

As a non-profit organizer or member, you have to develop a plan to start a campaign that includes budget, activities, events, promotional materials, and duration of the campaign. Remember, a successful charity campaign increases supporters’ engagement, and inspires them to continue support.

Ensure transparency with supporters

Transparency is the first thing you have to ensure when starting a fundraising campaign. Just imagine yourself as a supporter. When you get a clear message about any campaign’s purpose, it naturally encourages you to contribute to the cause. Without transparency, a non-profit never gets the attention of its supporters.

Whenever you think of raising funds, establish a dedicated fundraising website and post every detail of your campaign activities. Give the world a chance to see how donations can help to make other’s life beautiful.

Diversify fundraising strategy

Do you ever think about how non-profits become big?

The answer is – by implementing optimal strategies. 

You can’t solely depend on a single fundraising strategy all the time. Besides, only focusing on a particular fundraising strategy can limit your success. Explore various strategies such as online campaigns, corporate partnerships, personal fundraising, grants, and more like that.

Diversifying your fundraising approach ultimately may help you to reach a wider audience, and increase the visibility of your campaign and chances of success. But remember success may not come in one night, optimism and patience are two important things for a successful fundraising campaign.

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Choose the right fundraising tool

Fundraising is easy if you choose the right fundraising tool, use a tool such as Paymattic to make fundraising fun for both ends. 

People who raised funds online are looking for software that can track the progress of your campaign, customize donations, receive donations worldwide, secure online giving, and most importantly give full freedom to set their own pace. Paymattic is capable of handling all of this! On top of that the plugin also offers all key features that are needed to run a successful fundraising campaign, some of its notable features include:

  • Recurring donations
  • Donation goal
  • Donor dashboard
  • Progress bar
  • Donor leaderboard 
  • 11 payment gateways
  • Advance reporting dashboard
  • And more features for non-profits!

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Express gratitude to donors

Just a simple “Thanks” can have a significant impact on donors’ minds. Whenever you thank your supporters for their contributions, it naturally makes them feel valued and honored. 

Many donors want recognition for their support, your gratitude will help to get constant support and retain donors for a long time. To appreciate your donors, it’s not mandatory to host an event, a thank-you email mentioning their names is enough. 

You can apply a trick here, you can display the top contributors list on your fundraising website, it will probably create competition between donors and encourage others to give more.

Click here to know how to write the perfect donor thank-you letter

Bonus tip: Never stop fundraising

Fundraising is a constant thing for every non-profit to continue its activities. Many non-profits often make a mistake by pausing fundraising. When any organization suddenly stops collecting funds, it means halting all communications with supporters, resulting in funding shortages and losing potential supporters. It is really difficult to “catch back up” after a period of no fundraising, so your organization needs to continue fundraising activities.

Turn fundraising challenges into wins 

Every non-profit are facing difficulties whenever they start raising funds for their cause. Overcoming these challenges is possible if you are implementing the right strategies. In this blog, we already shared some most useful fundraising secrets that are needed to run a successful fundraising campaign. You will find more fundraising tricks and tips whenever you start your own campaign.

We know fundraising is not an easy job, but yeah, you have to do it to run your organization’s activities smoothly. At least the most valuable secret is to value your donors, volunteers, and obviously yourself. 

You can share with us your story of how you can overcome fundraising challenges. 

Have a good luck.


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