How to Get Donor History with Paymattic?

donor history

Isn’t it fantastic to find all the information about your donor in an organized way? It’s a hassle to find all donor data separately. To relieve this hassle, Paymattic organized all of your donor data in one place. In the customer module of Paymattic, you will get detailed descriptions of your donor.

What is donor history?

Donor history contains information about donors. In Paymattic, you will get the following information about your donor when they land on your fundraising campaign and donates:

  • Donors’ name 
  • Email address
  • Amount of donation
  • Frequency of donation to your campaign
  • Activity
  • Subscription 
  • Payment method
  • Donor engagement by form and more

The above information will help you to know your donor better.

Why donor history is essential?

When you start a fundraising campaign, you must remember that your supporters are your main priority, and you need to connect with them to retain your contributor. 

It’s necessary to preserve donor data because when any giver frequently donates to your fundraising campaign, it means they are your regular supporter. If you gather their name and email address, you can connect with them through email whenever you start any other fundraising campaign. It’s a kind of advertising for your campaign.

Another benefit of preserving donor history is categorizing the contributor by his donation amount. As an example, when any donor donates a wholesome amount to your every fundraising campaign, you can specifically connect with them if you start a fundraising campaign for a big amount. You don’t need to connect with everyone from your donor list; you can connect with only a targeted few by observing their previous donation amount. 

Moreover, it will help you find a potential contributor and easily connect with your supporter.

GiveWP vs Paymattic – find out which one is the best WordPress fundraising tool.

Paymattic WordPress donation plugin

Paymattic is a great WordPress fundraising plugin to collect donations online. Its user-friendly design helps you to make a payment or donation form with a few clicks. 35+ input fields are available in Paymattic to customize your payment or donations form. This multi-purpose plugin can collect payment for your goods and receive donations. 

Paymattic comes with a smart feature customer profile. It will help you to know your customer better. This feature will let you know every piece of information about donors in detail. Paymattic has lots of features; some key features of Paymattic are:

  • 11 payment methods
  • 135+ currency support
  • Detailed report analysis 
  • Customer profile
  • Recurring donation
  • Integration with multiple platforms
  • Guest donation
  • Direct bank transfer 
  • Preferred billing intervals
  • Donation progress item with progress bar
  • Custom donation amount
  • Personalized images

There are 9 different integration available ranging from email automation to Zapier, which in itself opens horizons for nonprofits.

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Get donor history with Paymattic

Paymattic sports a smart customer dashboard where you can view crucial data about each user. Here we will break down all the steps to get donor history with Paymattic. 

To get donor history go to the Paymattic dashboard. Click on the Customers option.

customer tab

In the Customers module, you will find the list of current customers along with their:

  • Name 
  • Email
  • Submissions
  • Since when they have been a customer
  • Date of user profile creation

If you want more information about your donor, click on the view button given on the right side of the profiles.

After clicking this button, you will notice details about your donor.

Initially, you will find your donor profile along with their email address and the date and time in which they made the first submission. You will also get all the subscriptions made by your donor.

customer details

Scroll down a little further, and you will get the Customer Spent module. Here how much your donor spent in different currencies such as AUD, USD and others will show.

customer spent

In the Permissions tab, you can see if the admin has site access or not and the roles of the users.


In the Customer Engagement By Form module, you will get information on all the forms submitted by the user so far complete with the forms’ ID number, Form Title, numbers of Submission (times), etc.

Customer engagement by form

The customer spent vs date graph will present the date when donors are mostly engaged, and the amount customer spent.

In the Activity tab, all the transactions are listed. You can see any of them, filter them by date or by payment status.

Let’s wrap up!

Donor history ultimately helps you to discover your customer swell and make better use of donor data.

So what are you looking for?

Create a user-friendly and eye-popping donation or any other payment form with Paymattic. Paymattic is a generous donation and simple payments plugin to add a transaction form in WordPress. Customer profile is a premium feature of Paymattic. To get this feature and more don’t forget to try Paymattic Pro

You can connect with us by commenting if you have any queries. 

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