What’s New with WordPress Payments Plugin | Using Payment Tools in Paymattic [2023]

WordPress payments plugin

How do you manage your online payments or donations? If you’re just starting out now, pretty sure you are looking for a WordPress payment plugin to make the process easier.

Collecting payment online to raise funds for non-profits or charities can get stressful, and sometimes, online payment can seem tricky to donors.

Besides, most plugins have payment gateways as add-ons, not as built-in features. However, Paymattic has the best solutions for WordPress payment and donation!

Users can choose any of the integrated gateways and complete their payments.

How to use a WordPress payment plugin

Payment gateways can collect donations and payments from anywhere around the world. This plugin offers multiple payment options in a single plugin! For example, PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, etc. So, a donor can choose whatever they want.

If you’re running a donation campaign on the WordPress website or need a subscription payment process to sell something, Paymattic is the plugin you need. This plugin has two-in-one!

All the gateways you’ll find in this WordPress payment plugin-

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Mollie
  • Billplz
  • Razorpay
  • Paystack
  • Square
  • Payrexx
  • Xendit
  • Offline for bank transfers/cheque payment.

Let’s start!



When you open the Paymattic dashboard for “Payment Gateways”, you will see Stripe options open up as default.


Stripe has two Payment Modes: Test Mode & Live Mode. Test Mode is a dummy model that you can check before selecting it as a payment method. Select Live mode when you’re ready to go!

Go to Stripe settings to get the Publishable and Secret Keys provided by Stripe, both in test and live modes. Company Info and Checkout Logo fields are optional and can appear in checkout.

Visit the Stripe dashboard and configure your Stripe webhook to keep the subscription or recurring payment going on. Add a webhook endpoint for the given URL.

When you’re done, don’t forget to hit the “Save Settings” button.

Stripe and Paymattic

Using mobile wallets? Stripe accepts payments from Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Also, contactless cards with “tap and pay” feature.

Stripe payment gateway makes accepting payments easier! You can send payouts, invoices, issue cards, and manage your business fully online. Its powerful APIs will prevent fraudulence too.

For more details, check the documentation.


Following Stripe, PayPal also has two payment modes-

  • Sandbox Mode
  • Live Mode

Then there’s Paypal Email, Disable PayPal IPN Verification, Paypal Checkout Logo, and Confirmation Page Settings.

Paypal and Paymattic

Using this gateway, you can have taxable transactions in crypto and enjoy cash-free transactions. It also has a recurring payment option for the corresponding notification URL in Paymattic.

PayPal sends an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) as a POST message whenever a transaction is completed on their part. Paymattic gets the IPN through PayPal.

Check the documentation to learn how to set up PayPal IPN settings.


This gateway is an eCommerce payment method for WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc. Paymattic makes payment better for WooCommerce shop owners and drops ready-made payments.

Sign-up for Mollie to get an API key. Choose between “Mollie Payment Mode”, input the key from the Mollie dashboard for Paymattic, save settings, and that’s it.

Now you only have to create a form & add the fields it requires. Click on the “Mollie Payment” gateway option and you’re done.

Make your brand international or target a specific market with Mollie and Paymattic.

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Billplz is a Malaysian payment gateway that allows merchants to accept online payments. It supports a range of payment methods, including credit cards, online banking, and mobile banking. With Billplz, merchants can easily set up payment forms and integrate them into their websites, and they can also track and manage their transactions through the Billplz dashboard.

Sign up to Billplz and you will get Billplz Secret key and Collection ID. Put the keys in your WordPress dashboard to integrate Billplz to your website.


In addition to its payment processing services, Billplz also offers fraud protection and customer support to help merchants securely and smoothly process payments.


For a fast, affordable & safe way for accepting and disburse payments, Razorpay is the gateway you need.

Sign up for an account and get the API key. Set up the integration from Razorpay Settings in Paymattic.

Razorpay has two checkout styles-

Modal Checkout Style: This checkout page will show up as a pop-up format in Paymattic.

Hosted to razorpay.com: This will appear in a default Razorpay style and take people to their website.

With Razorpay, you can enjoy a superior checkout experience in Paymattic.


It’s similar to Mollie and only requires API keys.

Sign up and log in to your Paystack account to get the keys and insert them in Paymattic for the integration.

Paystack makes payment easy from anywhere in the world. Use the APIs to create any project you want.


In-person, online, or remote payment; Do whatever you need with Square!

Simply log in to the Square dashboard and get the API keys for Paymattic.


You get two options for “Checkout Style Type”-

Modal Checkout Style: The checkout page shows up as a pop-up in Paymattic.

Hosted to razorpay.com: The default Payrexx style redirects to the gateway’s website.

All the following options are similar to other gateways. But here, you’ll need “Instance Name” in the Payrexx Credentials part along with the API key field.

Use the given webhook URL to get an instant payment notification.

Payrexx is a safe and easy customer payment system that works with Visa cards, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and 200+ other payment methods. Paymattic has certainly made payment easier with this integration!


Whether you check it on live or test mode, the process is still the same and simple. Input the SSLCOMMERZ test credentials and save the settings.


SSLCOMMERZ offers cards, mobile banking, internet banking, EMI, and all the tools you need for a seamless payment experience. Don’t forget to add email, name, and address fields on the form.


The transaction happens offline and is adjusted manually or automatically to the console. You can use cash, cheques, bank transfers, or other available offline methods of transaction other than anything online.

As of now, Paymattic has all these dynamic payment methods active and you can use any to pay or donate.

Stripe is the only gateway available in the free version. Upgrade to Paymattic pro to get all the other payment features.

Discount coupons in WordPress payment

Adding a special discount upon payment is nothing new and businesses use this trick to keep recurring customers happy.

Paymattic has a “Coupons” feature where you add coupons to the form and allow users to apply discounts using this field. This modified coupon module can accept as many coupons as you want.

Open the “Settings” tab in the Paymattic dashboard and click “Add New Coupon”.


You will see a popup window open with several more input fields. This is where you can customize the discount amount, time limit, and check the status of the discount.

Coupon Title: Set the title of the discount however you want. For example, “ValentineDeal”.

Coupon  Code: Again, something that fits the deal, like “FEB14”.

Discount Amount/Percent: Enter the discount percentage you want to set. Replace the percent sign with any numeric value.

Discount Type: Choose the type of discount.

Min Purchase Amount: Set the minimum amount of purchase that activates the discount.

Stackable: Decide if every discount deal can use the same coupon code.

Start Date and End Date: Discount deal start and expiry date.

Coupon Use Limits: Limit a coupon by how many times it is used.

Applicable Forms: Choose a form to apply the discount from the dropdown.

Status: Active or inactive.

Hit “Save Coupon” after you’re done customizing it.


Paymattic and the multiple payment gateway options in it are the best solutions for you if you’re running a donation campaign or selling online. It’s user-friendly and fully customizable for all your needs.

Collect one-time donations, recurring donations, or subscription payments using PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, plus all the other gateways it comes with. The transaction can be worldwide, online, or offline.

Create a seamless payment and donation experience with this feature-packed WordPress payment plugin.

Which one do you think is the best payment option in Paymattic? Try the updated version and let us know.

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